I served 4 years in the Army and returned to civilian life wanting to fill a niche. Onesies and Twosies.. the motto “No job too small”. It evolved from that and now I sell from 1 – 1000. Just plain old hard work and GRIT! Woman Veteran owned and operated. I love what I do most days.. ok lets say majority of the time. I love to be creative and make the customers experience a good one and hopefully they will tell their friends and family. It must go without saying but I am going to say it again. If you make your customer happy, a referral is the best compliment someone can give you. I have spend many hours and a lot of money becoming licensed to sell legally online.

Re-Creation Signs name came from what we do… You bring us a logo, or want us to create something for you, and it gets either created or re-created. I started way back in the early 2000’s era when computers were not in many homes and they were still a mystery to most. From there, I started a computer business and decided to do graphics as it was very interesting to me. Through doing the artwork, people started asking if I could turn it into a sign or a shirt or whatever they might be wanting for advertisement. I purchased a large format printer and put it in the basement. From there came embroidery and t-shirts as well as printed publications. Diversity was what these businesses wanted. A one stop shop.

From home to retail and back, I have experienced and ran several successful businesses and enjoy being an entrepreneur. Graphics is my passion and I enjoy it even more every day.

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